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At Crete Colors International, our expertise is focused on bringing state of the art treatments to concrete floors. Our company was founded and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with our production in Kansas, our Asia head office in Hong Kong and distribution partners all over the globe. The C² brand is currently present in over 40 countries and we are consistently uncovering new opportunities for expansion. We pride ourselves on our global network or, what we like to call our “C² Family.”

Our dedication to making cost-effective, planet safe and easy-to-use high performance products is the foundation of our business. Lithium technology is the superior platform for many of our concrete products and Crete Colors continues to improve and develop innovative system solutions that will inspire architectural concrete design well into the future.

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Our Business

Since the early 90’s, our team has been focused on concrete treatment, densification, coloring, grinding and polishing. We knew early on that the industry needed to provide a technology that offered surface color treatments and more effective concrete solutions than the traditional potassium and sodium based products.

Our answer was lithium.

A cutting-edge technology that Crete Colors used to develop and offer a number of high quality and eco-friendly concrete surface hardeners, densifiers, colors and maintenance systems.

Through new system processes and application techniques, Crete Colors continues to raise the bar for concrete performance as well as creating new decorative treatments for concrete surfaces.

Global Strategic Partners

Crete Colors International + PROSOCO:

Crete Colors International and PROSOCO have been strategic partners for over a decade, offering high-quality chemicals meticulously crafted for concrete floors around the world. PROSOCO’s Consolideck product line serves the US and Canadian markets whereas CreteColors International’s C2 line is sold and available in all other international markets. Together, we have developed two unique brands that are leading the market segments across the globe.

In working together, we have combined decades of knowledge in our industries along with an expansive network of resources to provide you with the very highest quality product. We have also teamed up to develop amenities for our customers that help drive sales in our markets. Our relationships with NSF and SCS are critical tools, which solidify the quality and integrity of our products. Our joint laboratory efforts allow for the highest standards. Most importantly, our dedication to our customers needs and the understanding of creating long term business relationships has fostered our strategic partnership.

For availability of Consolideck products in the United States and Canada, please visit PROSOCO’s website here.

Searching for a specific product? See our product equivalency list to ensure that you are purchasing exactly what you are looking for.

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What we believe in

C² Planet Safe

Crete Colors is a powerful and dynamic global company. Together with our local partners we are passionate in making a difference in this world. The construction industry is seeing more and more of a push towards sustainable practices. With that in mind, C² has dedicated itself to reducing our carbon footprint, which many of our competitors have not yet committed to. Our company recognizes its duty as a global citizen – we pride ourselves on tailoring our products to be sustainable from production to application. Through arduous research and development, we have discovered how to maximize production and application efficiency.

Today, the buzzword of “going green” has grown in popularity. As much as green practices are of importance to us, being honest in our business is one of our guiding principles. Only two products in the C² portfolio are considered hazardous because of their unmatched performance; the rest are completely planet safe. In that case, we are almost 100% “green” but truthful about it.

Crete Colors is very proud that our local partners have the same values, standards and objectives as we do have here in the United States. Our entire C² Family, worldwide, is devoted to reducing any negative impact on the environment. By offering a true “green” lithium technology, we influence companies globally to utilize water based and planet-safe products in their projects. Crete Colors International is also a proud member of the U.S Green Building Council, SCS and NSF certified.

Simply the Best

Products. People. Service.

Highest Quality

Crete Colors is continuously advancing best quality standards. By focusing on the highest level of quality, we aim to manufacture the best products offered worldwide. The production plant is state of the art and every order is guaranteed to meet specifications.

Best People

We believe in strong local relationships. Our selection of regional partners is critical to the success of our global organization. Crete Colors looks to create a long-term, successful cooperation through a clear alignment of objectives, values and standards.

Best Practice

We are committed to raising the level of best practice in every product and process that C2 undertakes. From our internal quality control systems, to product manufacturing and customer services, Crete Colors has a relentless focus on quality management and continuous improvement. We utilize international standards of business internally and strongly encourage our local partners to meet our criteria for best practice in their respective markets.

Crete Colors International is a global company and is focused on attracting the best international professionals to represent our lithium products. We concentrate on selecting honest, knowledgeable and experienced partners to add value to the way we do business in local markets.

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The Crete Colors International Worldwide Tradition & Trademark

When Crete Colors International first started, one of our customers sent us a snapshot of a recent project they had just completed with their country’s coin sitting upright on the surface, reflecting perfectly on the finished concrete. Immediately we knew that this idea would not only be a tradition that we would follow but a worldwide trademark of our brand. Over the past few years we have been collecting coins from all over the world where C2 projects have been completed. Crete Colors began, as a family owned business and we value the concept of a global tradition.

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Who we serve


he Crete Colors product line is diversified to cater to a broad spectrum of markets. These products are ideal for a multitude of surface applications including: new or existing concrete, terrazzo, concrete with dry shakes, polished concrete, and they are also very effective on surfaces treated with sodium or potassium hardeners. C² products are safe enough to use in supermarkets, meat packing facilities and food processing centers, but yet strong enough for the intensity of airport hangers and parking garages. This allows Crete Colors to be the source for any project need.

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Electronic Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Bottling Plants
  • Department Stores & Supermarkets
  • Business & Office Buildings
  • Retail & Shopping Centers
  • Schools & Educational Facilities
  • Stadiums & Sport Facilities
  • Art Performance Halls
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Freezers & Cold Storage Facilitie
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Health Care Centers
  • Veterinary Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Military Facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Loading Docks
  • Automotive Service Facilities
  • Airports & Aircraft Hangars
  • Airplane Taxi Ways
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Port & Loading Docks
  • Kitchens
  • Concrete Countertops
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Bathrooms