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Our distributor in Israel has just completed a great project of The Haifa University Library, using our C2 Gloss System. Here is some more information that they provided for us in regards to the project scope:

The existing 40 years old floor was covered with tiles that were removed.

The area: 1500 m2

The process:

1.   Preparation of the concrete by grinding, using Heller Abrasive diamond tools. (Purpose: to remove the weak residues of the top surface and to strengthen the bonding of the next step – the epoxy primer)

2.   Apply low viscosity epoxy primer, let it dry. (Purpose: to connect the concrete the the next layer – the membrane)

3.   Apply a flexible polyurethane membrane and broadcasting of quartz sand. (Purpose: to reduce the potential cracks in the concrete - the membrane - and to increase the adhesion of the concrete to the surface by rough profile - the sand)

4.   Pour a special concrete admixture with white cement and specific size of aggregates. (Purpose: the architect's selection)

5.   Helicopter work.

6.   Saw control joints 1.65 m X 1.65m (Purpose: main - to reduce cracks, secondary – the architect preferred these measures for a decorative look)

7.   After more than 28 days – grind the concrete, beginning with Heller Abrasive metal bonds 40 grit, than until 150 grit.

8.   Densify the concrete with C2 HARD.

9.   Continue grinding the concrete with PHOENIX HYBRID BOND 100 grit which is the transition tool between metal bond and resin bond.

10.  Followed by Heller Abrasive resin bonds until 800 grit.

11.  Apply 3 coats of C2 SEAL and burnishing with C2 HEAT pads.

12.  Burnish with DIAMOND IMPREGNATED PADS 800 – 3000 grit.

The end result was a remarkably new, durable and beautiful surface! Watch the video to get a glimpse of their entire process. Great work Heller Abrasive!

PLEASE NOTE:  Heller Abrasive is the manufacturer of high quality diamond tools.  Crete Colors International recommends and endorses this product line.  For more information please contact:

Heller Abrasive ltd
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Modiin 7173541, ISRAEL

Email: sales@hellerabrasive.com

Website: http://www.hellerabrasive.com

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